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 +How to Open the Mailbox by Another User 
 +  - On the Tools menu, click E-Mail Accounts. ​
 +  - In the E-Mail Accounts dialog box, click View or change existing e-mail accounts, and then click Next. 
 +  - Highlight Microsoft Exchange Server in the service box, and then click Change. ​
 +  - For the Exchange Server Settings, click More Settings. ​
 +  - On the Advanced tab, click Add. 
 +  - In the Add Mailbox box, type the name of the mailbox owner. (helpdesk, CBO attendance)
 +  - Click OK. 
 +  - Click Next and Finish. This will display the Mailbox in the Folders list. (Mailbox – helpdesk, Mailbox – CBO Attendance).
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